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This the most common type of carpet Industries, the worlds largest carpet manufacturer. This method uses Portable or truck-mounted equipment to spray heated cleaning solution into the carpet pile. Powerful vacuums then extract or suck out the cleaner along with the dirt particles and other stains. The equipment may also use rotary brushes or another agitating device to
work the solution into the pile and loosen soil. This type of cleaning can be very effective provided the following rules are followed:

A non-soap cleaner is used so that no soapy residue is left behind to attract dirt to the carpet.

  • Solution temperature is maintained for optimal cleaning. Typically 150 degrees or higher is optimal
  • The pressure of the solution being sprayed onto the carpet high enough to penetrate the carpet fibers deep down.
  • The Vacuum power of the machine is sufficient to remove the majority of the cleaning solution and soil particles
  • Most importantly is the operator. Making sure that the cleaning procedure is not rushed will usually assure good results

Also We offer carpet protector and scrubber when needed

We offer free carpet cleaning as needed with a cleaning contract.

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N&R cleaning will not be responsible for failing to remove old/permanent stains that cannot be removed using normal carpet cleaning methods. We undertake, however, to draw your attention to any such stains prior to commencing work.

What we do ?

Pre-spraying the carpet before performing the cleaning process will allow the cleaning solution to absorb the dirt and soil in the carpet more effectively. Thus removing more of the dirt.

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