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As an active participant in the day-to-day lives of our clients, N&R Cleaning wants to make this relationship totally beneficial to you. We gladly play a background role so that your company can conduct its business in the knowledge that your building is being well maintained to the highest standards. The image your associates have of your company and surroundings can impact upon your business and we take pride in contributing to your success.

N&R cleaning  offers you great service 24 hour a day, 7 days a week


We Replace.

Tissue & Towels. Controlled Use Dispensers. Wipers. Seat Covers. Liquid & Bar Soaps. Antibacterial & Health-care Soaps. Hand Sanitizers & Lotions. Dispensing Systems. Powdered Hand Soap.

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Offices Cleaning Include:

 Remove cobwebs. Clean, wipe and polishing (if required) all tables, wipe and dust computer screens and keyboards. Wipe and clean all window skirting boards and sills (inside). Clean and disinfect doors and handles. Clean outlets and spots on walls. Clean and wipe light switches and fittings. Wipe all picture. Vacuum and edge throughout the premises. Mop and sanitize all floors (moving all items in the way and later put back to the proper places). Empty trash (replace new trash bag) and place it to the designated duster.

Toilets and Washroom: Clean and disinfect pans, seats, lids, urinals, door handles, taps and fittings. Clean, wipe and disinfect vanity unit doors and thoroughly clean mirrors. Mop and sanitize all floors.

Staff Common Room: Clean and wipe kitchen bench, sinks, taps and fittings, cupboard doors, fridge and microwave doors. Remove rubbish from containers. Mop and sanitize all floors.