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Floor polishes have improved dramatically in the past 25 years, due in great part to improvements in the polymers used in their formulation. N&R cleaning help you with this, We offer a wide range of floor care polymers that are engineered to provide unparalleled deep-luster finish, scuff, scratch and detergent resistance, fast recoat, low odor, and excellent durability and appearance. Our wide range of complementary products, tools and machines, supported by training services enable you to achieve the desired appearance of floors that will please any and all visitors to your facilities.


  • Will not crack, flake, peel or blister and is microporous.
  • Odorless on application and during drying period.
  • Stain-resistant against wine, beer, cola, coffee, tea, fruit juices and milk.
  • Has the benefit of requiring only two coats - with no primer nor sanding between coats (for first time use).
  • No repair marks when renovated in parts.



·         Cover all the area that possible damage, example carpet and other floors

·         Remove excess debris and dust mop area to be stripped.

·         Dilute product as directed and apply liberally to work area using a cotton mop.

·         Allow solution to penetrate waxed area for 3-5 minutes.  not allowing solution to dry.

·         Agitate solution with mop, rotary scrubber or auto scrubber.

·         Remove solution using a mop, squeegee or wet vacuum.

·         Rinse floor with clean mop and water.

·         Allow area to air dry.

click here to play floor stripping video

                        HOW WE DO?

  We Assemble the equipment and Place wet floor signs, The signs must indicate which areas are being finished.


We Place a new trash liner in our mop bucket and allow excess to drape over the side of the bucket.

·         Big place we use  Floor Finish Applicator machine in direction above and below ·         We Pour appropriate floor finish into lined mop bucket. ·         We Place our finish mop into bucket and gently wring out excess material. ·         We applying the finish in a "figure eight motion". The figure eight motion allows for a 20 - 25 percent overlap; therefore leaving no missed spots. ·         We Allow floor finish to dry; approximate dry times vary between 15 - 25 minutes. ·         We Reapply finish until desired results are achieved. ·         A general rule of thumb is, apply enough even coats so the floor "Looks Wet When It’s Dry". This can usually be accomplished with 3 - 5 coats of finish.

click here to play Floor Finish video