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Car Wax.
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Complete auto care requires more than washing. Automotive paint can incur daily damage from airborne contaminants, dirt, and acid rain. Clear coats are not as tough as you might think.
To really protect your paint, you need a premium car wax or paint sealant. If damage has already occurred, a quality polish may be able to reverse some of the damage and renew the finish.
 N&R Cleaning is pleased to offer a wide quality services and professional to correct damage that has already occurred and prevent future damage. Working with our hands we can be gratifying, especially when dealing with fine automobiles that require and deserve the admiring touch of car enthusiasts.
Below we are explaining car polishes, car waxes, and paint sealants services tip to help you exactly what you’re looking for.
1. The best perform, quality, avoiding evaporation and premature drying of product, we select shaded area,
2. To staring of process, we ensure that the area to be applied must be clean, wiped and dry, using a microfiber towels we will drying the vehicle without leaving behind any lint.
3. Our N&R Cleaning Experts agree that wax jobs utilizing the thin nest coats are often times the ones that capture the greatest color and depth.  They instead of applying one heavy coat, they lay multiple thin coats on top of each other after the previous one has cured, creating spectacular layers of reflective transparency, furthering your shine to new levels.
4. With a microfiber detailing cloths removing the extra wax gently without leaving behind lint. Using these towels will buff away waxes and sealants with equally glossy results.

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