Car wash detail

For those looking to go above and beyond a regular wash, consider a car detailing service. Detailers will clean and polish every inch of your car, from the inside of the trunk to the engine block, to make sure your vehicle looks and feels brand new. It’s called “detailing” because no detail is left untouched; professional detailers have even been known to use cotton swabs to clean dashboards.Vacuuming: A vacuum is a very important appliance to invest in. Vacuum cleaners not only pick up dirt and debris, but they also help protect you from allergens and harmful bacteria. We vacuum and edge throughout your car.Car Wash:Car washing is an important part of basic car maintenance. Dust, sand and especially salt can eat away at your car’s exterior, and other substances like tree sap and bird droppings can eat through the clear veneer. Car wash services available we offer every week, every other week and ones a month. 

Wheel cleaning

  • Clean one wheel at a time.
  • Spray wheel and tire with water.
  • Spray a fine mist of cleaner over entire tire & wheel.
  • Allow cleaner to dwell for 10 - 30 seconds. (Longer if wheel is extremely soiled.)
  • Agitate surface with a tire and wheel brush or sponge soaked with car wash shampoo.
  • Hose off thoroughly with a strong water spray.


Car wash:Step by step  

1) - Using a mild commercial car cash soap from auto parts store or automotive department in a department store and we will find a variety of excellent car wash soaps, will deliver quality performance and peace of mind.   

2) - Before the wash, we check for pre-wash areas, looking closely at the paint for signs of road tar especially in the lower body panel areas. 

3)- Also look for dried bugs especially on the front section of the car, leading edge of hood, body areas around headlights and air dam if apply.  

4) - Spray the body surface with water to soak the film of dirt, dust and grime that has accumulated on the paint finish leaving the water to soak for a minute or two, much of the dirt will come off.  

5) - Beneath the car and rinse off the dirt, mud and debris from all of the underbody areas: inside fenders, above and below the exhaust system hardware, off of the under pan area, spots behind bumpers, etc. 

6) - With the car wash soap blended with cool water, using a large sponge or washing mitt to apply the mixture, rinsing the sponge/mitt regularly to rid it of dirt and can accumulate and scratch the paint, will also rub the sponge gently as you work the suds over the body surface, working from the roof and windows down, hood to trunk, front and back.  

7) -  Allowing the water to dry on the body paint surface will frequently leave a spotty film, as it's difficult to completely eliminate soap with just the spray rinse and wipe down the entire paint surfaces.

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